Freedom Discos, Sound and Lighting

T's & C's

When booking Freedom Discos, Sound & Lighting, the following Terms & Conditions apply.
These have been checked & passed by Trading Standards.

For simplicity the following terms have these meanings:

Client - The person hiring Freedom Discos, Sound & Lighting.

Company - Freedom Discos, Sound & Lighting.

DJ/Technician - Darren Kirk

Venue - The location of the Event.

Booking - The hiring of Freedom Discos, Sound & Lighting by the Client.

Event - The actual occasion or event for which the Client has booked Freedom Discos, Sound & Lighting.

Booking Details

1.1) To fully guarantee your booking, please ensure the Booking Form is completed.  If Booking Forms are not complete, the company takes it you no longer require their services and are therefore available to take alternative bookings.
1.2) The DJ/Technician will require adequate time for the installation and dismantling of equipment. This amount of time will depend on the type of event, access and amount of equipment required, please discuss with the DJ/Technician in advance.
1.3) If the Client or Venue has special requirements for setting up/disassembly times or times of access, the Client must provide these details to the Company prior to the booking. Wherever possible, the Company will visit the Venue prior to the booking in order to estimate the time/work/equipment required. Please bear in mind that if there is not sufficient time to do this, or if the distance, opening hours of the venue or other matters prohibit this, then the Company must rely on information given by the Client.
1.4) Both the company and client offer assurances that no previous bookings exist with other clients/companies that would affect the booking.
1.5) If the client has booked other entertainment, as well as booking the company, the client must inform the company, as this will affect how the company set up equipment, setup and disassembly times may need to be extended. 
1.6) The Company will be in attendance at the venue in good time to set up for the event. However, if they are prevented, for whatever reason, from gaining access to the venue, the client agrees that the same amount of setup time is still needed, and any consequent late start to the entertainment will not be the responsibility of the Company, so therefore, the full quoted fee will still be charged and no refunds will be given for advanced payments.


2.1) Payments are required by the due date stated on the invoice.
2.2) If the invoice is not paid by the due date, then the company takes it you no longer require their services and are therefore available to take alternative bookings.  

2.3) 50% of the total fee is a Non-Refundable Deposit.
2.4) Payments can be paid in Cash, Bank Transfer, Card or by Cheque. 
2.5) Cheque payments should be sent no fewer than 10 days prior to the invoice due date. 
2.6) Should a booking be made less than 10 days prior to the event, or the client is unable to pay by cheque, then booking fees should be paid by cash, card or Bank Transfer.
2.7) Where Payments of any outstanding balance has been agreed to be paid on the day, this must be paid before the event starts and in cash, no other forms of payment will be accepted on the day.

2.8) If the DJ/Technician is required to work on past the agreed time, the fee for such overtime is £15 per 30 mins or part thereof, payable in cash, at the time of requesting extra time. This is subject to the conditions of the Venue, and is at the DJ/Technician's discretion.

2.9) If the event, for whatever reason, finishes earlier than the agreed time, through no fault of the DJ/Technician, refunds for the time difference will not be given what so ever, as the DJ/Technician will be willing to work to the agreed end time of the booking.

Cancellation & Postponements

3.1) In the event of the Client wishing to cancel or postpone the event for any reason, the Client must notify the Company as soon as is possible by phone and in writing.  50% of the entire fee is Non-refundable as detailed in 2.3.

3.2) If a cancellation is made 30 days or less prior to the event, the entire fee will still be due and any payments made are Non-refundable. This is because it is unlikely the Company will receive a replacement booking at such a late date.

3.3) At the Company's discretion, the Company may agree to alter the date of the booking at the client's request, subject to the Company being available on the replacement date. If an alternative date cannot be arranged, this will be classed as a cancellation, therefore, such actions as detailed in 3.1 & 3.2 will be taken in these circumstances.

3.4)  If the event is cancelled, or you no longer require the company, and you fail to notify the company, then the entire fee will still be due.  This is because it is very likely the company will still turn up to the venue at the arranged time expecting to setup and full fill the booking.

Conduct & Security

4.1) The client will ensure that the audience and anyone other than the company's team conduct themselves in a proper manner. The company will not be held responsible for any actions, behaviour or damage caused by those attending the event, under any circumstances.

4.2) The company's team will conduct themselves in a proper manner throughout their attendance at the venue, and will respond to the clients requests (unless in breach of any laws or venue requirements/restrictions) as to volume, positioning of equipment, and any other reasonable requests. If you require the DJ/Technician and any other staff to adhere to any specific dress code please advise at the time of booking. We will happily oblige wherever possible.
4.3) Often, the Company will take photographs or video footage of events, to be used in promotional materials. If you, the Client, object to this, please notify the Company before the date of the event. Copies of photographs and videos, if possible, may be obtainable from the Company, please ask for details.

4.4) The client will be held responsible for any theft or damage of any equipment (including vehicles stored on or near the premises) belonging to the company caused by anyone other than members of the company's team.
4.5) It is solely the responsibility of the client to ensure the venue has sufficient and legal security for both personnel and equipment (including vehicles used by the company).
4.6) The Company will not be held responsible for damage to the venue caused by the company's equipment. The Company must be notified of any potential problems.

4.7) The Company operates a zero tolerance policy regarding abuse to its staff, whether verbal or physical, actual or implied. The Client is responsible for the behaviour of his/her guests at all times, and is responsible for providing any security necessary to police such behaviour. In the event of any actual or threatened abuse, the DJ/Technician may stop the use of the equipment, and request that the matter is dealt with. The equipment will be left out of action for up to 10 minutes, and if the problem is not dealt with in that time, the DJ/Technician has the right to refuse to carry on, and may end the use of the Company's equipment.  In such circumstances the full fee is still due and non-refundable, and any damages or loss will be reclaimed from the Client. Any illegal behaviour will be reported to the police.

4.8) The Company operates a zero tolerance policy towards drugs, under-age drinking or other illicit behaviour, and will not be a party to such behaviour. Such actions as detailed in Paragraph 4.7 may be taken in these circumstances.

Health & Safety

5.1) It is solely the responsibility of the client to ensure the venue complies with Health & Safety, and holds all necessary certification, Public Liability Insurance, Public Performance Licences, etc.
5.2) The company will ensure their equipment fully complies with all the relevant Health & Safety legislation regarding the equipment and personnel.
5.3) The Client is responsible for ensuring that the venue can provide a safe and practical area in which the Company can set up and operate its equipment. The bare minimum power requirement is two 13Amp sockets, preferably on a separate and on an unloaded circuit. For most venues, this is adequate; however for very large venues different requirements may be necessary. 
5.4) The equipment used may include such items as Lighting stands, truss systems, speaker stands and other constructions. The area provided must be both safe and practical. If the DJ/Technician deems that the venue is unsafe, the Company reserves the right to refuse to set up, and in this case the full fee would still be payable, as the Company has turned up, but is prevented from working by Health & Safety Issues which are the Clients responsibility.

5.5) A suitable parking area must be available for the loading and unloading of the company's equipment at the venue. Likewise, there must be adequate access to the venue.

Hiring Equipment without a DJ/Technician Present

6.1) The Company agrees to let, and the Client agrees to take on the hire of the equipment subject to the Terms and Conditions Below.

6.2) As soon as the company have delivered the equipment, the Client will be responsible for it and the Company will not be liable for any loss or destruction.  Therefore, the Client would need to take necessary steps to ensure safety and well being of equipment hired, people attending and requirements of premises or venue.

6.3) The Client shall not cause or permit equipment to be removed from the Client's possession without the prior written consent of the Company.

6.4) The Client will assume the entire risk of damage to or loss of equipment or any part thereof.  Insurance of the equipment is the responsibility of the Client whist on hire to the Client.

6.5) The Company or it's representatives may enter the premises or venue at anytime to inspect equipment and, upon inspection, should the company or representative believe the equipment is being misused, will notify the client, and if necessary, may terminate the hire and repossess the equipment hired.

6.6) On termination of the agreement for whatever reason, the Client shall immediately allow available collection by the Company and shall grant the Company necessary access to repossess the equipment hired.

6.7) The Company will be responsible for delivery and collection of the equipment at the Client's premises or venue, unless alternative arrangements have been made.

6.8) The Client shall ensure that equipment is operated in a skilful and proper manner by persons competent to operate the same in all respects in accordance with instructions provided by the Company for the use of equipment and shall ensure that such directions and instructions are fully understood and will be observed by all persons operating the equipment.

6.9) The Client shall not make or permit any alterations, modifications or additions to the equipment and shall not carry out or authorise the carrying out of repairs the equipment by a third party without the Company's prior consent.

6.10) The Client shall take all reasonable proper care of the equipment and keep the same in good and serviceable condition (reasonable wear and tear accepted) and shall indemnify the Company against loss of or damage to the equipment howsoever caused and shall give the Company immediate notice of any such loss or damage.

Freedom Discos, Sound and Lighting